cheese1 [chēz]
[ME chese < OE cyse < Gmc * kasjus < IE base * kwat-, to ferment, become sour > L caseus, cheese, OE hwatherian, to foam]
1. a food made from the curds of soured milk pressed together to form a solid that is usually allowed to ripen
2. a shaped mass of this
3. a thing like cheese in shape or consistency
cheesed off
Slang angry
say cheese!
smile!: a photographer's traditional request of someone whose picture is about to be taken
☆ cheese2 [chēz ]
[Hindi chīz, a thing < Pers čiz, something]
Slang an important person: cf. BIG CHEESE
cheese3 [chēz]
cheesed, cheesing
Slang to stop
to stop
cheese it!
Slang run away fast!

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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